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Information: Transfering Technology
FLORASANA® carries out investigations in order to increase knowledge on organic cultivation of medicinal plants in the Amazon. Its goal is to disseminate quality information to local populations and support technological transfer within rural communities.
A practical booklet about culture, uses and conservation of medicinales plants has been published in March 2006. Part of this edition is being donated to local communities, the rest is for sale to support the activities of our project.

Conservation: Protecting Nature
A number of medicinal plants are now being extracted from tropical forests, and we have little information on their conservation status. It is possible some species are overexploited and may even become extinct. At FLORASANA® we endorse all international conventions and treaties on the conservation of the vegetal biodiversity and seek strategies for the protection of endangered species in Ecuadorian Amazon.

Education: Raising the Awareness of the Public
Promoting the conservation of medicinal resources means sensitizing local authorities and educating rural populations. That is why FLORASANA® carries out educational activities through workshops and trainings on the subject of medicinal plants. Students from different local establishments are welcome to learn and practice at our facilities in Puyo.
Social Promotion: Improve Health Conditions
We also believe it is important that local population and authorities value the importance of the quality of the relationship between the society and its environment. The reassessment of local pharmacopeias and traditional medicines, as well as their practical applications in our daily life, may allow for the maintenance of a balanced health which takes in account all the elements of our environment.